Basic idea and possibilities

What is the approach of osteopathy? What are the limitations of this treatment method?

Answers can be found here.

The word "treatment" contains the basic idea of  manual therapy. Osteopathy is a gentle and holistic medicine in which a diagnosis and treatment  are produced by sensitive and trained hands. The man in his entirety and individuality is the focus of the method.

After looking into a patient’s detailed medical history and performing a clinical examination, this treatment is used to detect a cause of a pain or illness. The therapy is performed with manual techniques such as the gentle stretching of muscles and ligaments. The treatment focuses on  the central nervous system, mobilization of internal organs and adjustments of the spine and joints.

From newborns to the elderly - Osteopathy is a method of healing that not only provides overall health, but also attributes to a better quality of life and an overall wellbeing.

What are typical application areas?

for adults
for women
for babies and children

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