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Osteopathy for adults


For adults

Tension and pain of the muscular system
e.g. for back pain, sciatica or shoulder problems, radiating pain
Disorders of the spine and joints
e.g. with whiplash injuries, herniated discs, spinal column operations, arthroses
ENT/orthodontic disorders
e.g. for headaches, dizziness, sudden hearing loss, migraine, tinnitus, temporomandibular joint problems, tooth removal, jaw operations, teeth grinding, bite disorders
Post-traumatic complaints
e.g. for whiplash injuries, sports accidents, scar disorders after abdominal and thoracic surgery
Dysfunctions of the internal organs
e.g. in digestive disorders, heartburn, gastritis, bronchial asthma, chronic bronchitis, cystitis, essential hypertension
Nervous complaints
e.g. with sleep disorders, burn-out