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The goal of osteopathy is not the treatment of individual symptoms, but the diagnosis and elimination of their causes.

Osteopathy - basic idea and possibilities

Osteopathy is based on the perfection of nature's work. When all parts of the human body are well ordered, health exists. If this is not the case, the effect is illness. When the parts are readjusted, the disease gives way to health.

Bones, muscles, nerves, internal organs and all other tissues of the body are interrelated. A harmonious interplay of these tissues enables the body to function as one. If too many structures become unbalanced, the innate self-healing process can no longer work and pain and illness develop.

In an osteopathic treatment, the causes (dysfunctions and blockages) that cause or maintain a disease are solved with gentle manual techniques. The body is regarded as an inseparable unit. The aim of the treatment is to enable all structures and systems to move as freely as possible. In this way, self-healing powers are activated and the body's natural tendency to take on its optimal form and function is supported.